Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bleeding Hearts

Dicentra spectabilis, commonly referred to as Bleeding Heart is a most unique and favorite late Spring/early Summer plant. A lovely splash of color to the shade garden, Bleeding Hearts will reward you with beautiful blooms for years to come.

Bleeding Heart prefers light shade and will flourish if happy.
The biggest and prettiest plants I ever grew had a north-eastern exposure. Be sure to water regularly keeping care to not over water... the soil should not become soggy. Bleeding Hearts will die down to the ground usually by mid to late Summer. Some gardeners have had success in cutting the plant back by about 2/3rds to the fresh basal growth and have been rewarded with re-blooms throughout the growing season. I have yet to see re-blooms using this method, but try it anyway... this may work for you!

By dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (including offsets), you can spread your plantings around your garden, or share them with friends, family, neighbors or other avid gardeners.

And speaking of avid gardeners, I found these beautiful bleeding heart ornaments that are sure to bring an air of springtime to your Christmas tree. These make thoughtful gifts for your favorite gardener, too! Wouldn't these look lovely on a garden themed table setting? Dress the outside of a gift with a bleeding heart ornament for a lasting impression, or display them year round... they're just too pretty to use only at Christmas! Just click on the photo below if you would like to order them directly from Gardener's Supply.

Happy Spring!!


  1. I love bleeding hearts! The sad thing is, I didn't know bleeding hearts died back in the summer. After planting mine last year, I'd thought they died and I pulled them all out. I'm so happy I found this blog because I will go ahead and plant them again. Btw, love the bleeding heart ornaments... they're so fancy, and cute, too! ;)

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